I was watching this video and I don’t agree that the compound game, as described by Yudkowsky, a coin flip followed by 100%:$1M vs. 95%:$5M, is equivalent to the 50%:$1M vs 45%:$5M game. The way Yudkowsky describes it, you have a further choice after the coin flip to change your preference, but a strictly equivalent […]

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So, we have models which can predict the next thing you’re going to type in an email with sometimes startling accuracy. How quickly can these models adapt to people freaking out and “trying not to sound like an AI”? Are we hearing the first footfalls of an arms race in communications creativity? Watch this space.

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Firefox right-click menu offset

I hit this on a Firefox upgrade sometime ago: the context menu (i.e., the “right-click” menu) would be placed right under my mouse cursor, so if I wanted to click, release, and then select my menu option, the menu option that happened to be in the top-left corner of the menu would be activated when […]

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I’ve spent my free time the last several days obsessively watching television. I’ve never understood how people could watch TV while also doing something else because when I watch, it is the thing I’m doing. I look at myself and ask “Is everyone like this or just me?” I don’t mean that in a, “There […]

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Python’s for/else construct

I’ve been a Python program for a few years now, but I’ve only just encountered the ‘for/else’ construct. I was changing a conditional to a for loop, but accidentally left behind the else block. My initial reaction after looking back at the code was, “Oh, the else must run if the ‘for’ block never executes,” […]

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