Latest pet peeve: web sites that send out account creation confirmation emails without telling you on the site they’re sending them. This goes double for those with confirmation expiration times of less than an hour.

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Lärabar lemon bars are so delicious it’s disgusting,

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Correctness and efficiency

I was taught in my computer science courses as an undergraduate the importance of efficiency: time and space complexity, average and worst case analyses, caching, sorting, and so on. I was also taught about correctness: specifications, requirements, policies, and, more formally, proofs and theorems. Both of these are important, but I was not heavily instructed […]

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I made jollof and it turned out OK – spicy and filling. I used this recipe but substituted tilapia for the chicken, semolina for the rice, wasabi for the Worcestershire sauce, and used twice the black pepper, half the stewed tomato, no tomato paste, and added tarragon. Rather than cook everything on the stove, I […]

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Kerckhoffs’ other principles

I learned about Kerckhoffs’ principle–that a secure system should be secure even when known by an adversary–in in my undergrad education and it’s a great guiding principle. I didn’t realize until recently, however, that he had more to say about security schemes than that. One of his principles, “…the system must be easy to use […]

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