Gut instinct

For some reason, I have long thought that a ‘gut check’ is something you do to validate your intuition or ‘gut instinct’. I think my usage has more utility in any case.

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May you be spared in your life the indignity of a Brooklyn subway public toilet. (Honestly, that’s public toilets in any metro area…yech)

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Somehow, I’ve never seen a photo of a cashew fruit before. It’s one of the oddest-looking fruits.

Read More As a software developer, this article is not only sad, but embrassing. What embarasses me is that Google engineers allegedly don’t communicate with raters. If there are even a handful of raters willing to work directly with engineers to make their processes more efficient, then why aren’t they jumping on that?

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Internet surveillance and BCI

The coincidence of Elon Musk’s announcement of “Neural Lace” and the FCC rolling back privacy regulations should make people’s hairs stand up on the backs of their necks. In case it isn’t obvious from the unabated personalization and proliferation of networked computing since the ARPANET, the Internet won’t always be a choice. It is only […]

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