Firefox right-click menu offset

I hit this on a Firefox upgrade sometime ago: the context menu (i.e., the “right-click” menu) would be placed right under my mouse cursor, so if I wanted to click, release, and then select my menu option, the menu option that happened to be in the top-left corner of the menu would be activated when […]

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May you be spared in your life the indignity of a Brooklyn subway public toilet. (Honestly, that’s public toilets in any metro area…yech)

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Somehow, I’ve never seen a photo of a cashew fruit before. It’s one of the oddest-looking fruits.

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Python’s for/else construct

I’ve been a Python program for a few years now, but I’ve only just encountered the ‘for/else’ construct. I was changing a conditional to a for loop, but accidentally left behind the else block. My initial reaction after looking back at the code was, “Oh, the else must run if the ‘for’ block never executes,” […]

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