Javascript with imports? Madness!

Not a detailed post. I just found out that this exists:

Having suffered through variations of require.js implementations, custom import functions, HTML <script> tags (which are invisible within a given module) it’s good to see that a tool for modularizing code is finally landing in the language itself. Of course, none of the methods for exposing and importing objects from / to Javascript files are going away — people will probably continue to write new code with the pre-existing methods indefinitely, not to mention the legacy code — which no-one is going to spend money updating unless someone also writes a module-loading syntax translator. Even so, the presence of a widely-supported language standard for modularity is good for the language going forward since developers will have less of a learning curve on something as basic as answering “what does code I’m looking at depend on?” or “where does this function come from?” I mean really, those are stupid questions to be spending time on when you have real problems to solve.