Strictly The Best

I got this dance hall music record that some guy on the Internet listed as one of his influences. Since I don’t have a record player, I’ve been listening to tracks off it on youtube. It’s a lot of drum machine. Also, I can’t really tell what the musicians are saying most of the time. Most of the songs sound the same to me. Maybe it’s good and I just can’t tell. Maybe this really is strictly the best and I just can’t tell because I’m not hip enough. Maybe Mad Cobra is a genius of dance hall and here I am just smearing my imprecise, unmusical opinions all over this post like a five-year-old with finger paints and a paint-by-numbers. This record’s just making me feel awful now. I can’t even return it because I opened it, just to have a look, you know, and, like, now it’s just this thing that makes me feel bad and unhip.
Strictly The Best 5 front album cover