Mare Internum

Probably about once every two months, I find a new web comic to read, and if I like it, whether it’s been going for years or only a few weeks, I’ll read through every published page. I favor the comics with a narrative–really they fall into more of a graphic novel format–because I like to […]

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Collected: Plano

I visited Collected, a games and comic books store in Plano, this weekend. Collected has four other locations (Fort Worth, Keller, Burleson, Hurst). Plano is a smaller shop, in a shopping stip dominated by a Tom Thumb. You might have some difficulty to find it at the moment since the sign is down, but just […]

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Fresh Ink

Remember that segment on Attack of the Show, with Blair Butler? I got to re-watch an episode of Fresh Ink recently thanks to’s collection of G4TV AOTS episodes (I’ve lost track of it since then). Picking through a few episodes, I’m reminded of its shortcomings, like blatant sexism and use of off-color jokes. Still, […]

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