Teriyaki Flounder

The first time I cooked flounder, it was alongside salmon, which I already knew I liked. I was struck by how unpleasantly fishy it was and delayed cooking the rest of what I had. Now, however, I’ve found a preparation of flounder that I like. The fillets are placed in a baking pan, lined with […]

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I cooked with tofu for the first time today, and it turned out pretty okay (but not pretty, so no picture). When I first decided to try working with tofu on my own, I bought silken and didn’t know what to do with it. I think I was just curious about what a “silken” food […]

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I made congee. It has the consistency of snot and tastes exactly like you would expect watery rice to taste. People apparently have warm associations with this dish. Eating it only leaves me with a vague sence of unease paired with … inevitability. It’s like, I have to bring the next spoonful to my mouth […]

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J’ai fait du pain

I made bread for the first time yesterday. It was originally supposed to be pita bread, but things went a little off the rails. The recipe I followed didn’t go into the amount of flour you need specifically for kneading the dough, and I didn’t have enough in reserve. So, I used some masa that […]

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Raw garlic

I decided to try eating raw garlic after reading about some of the health benefits associated with its consumption. Planning to eat three cloves, I peeled the outer skin off of them, removed them, smushed the first with a spoon, popped it in, and got to chewing. It was miserable. The second one was worse. […]

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I made some falafel and it’s almost recognizable as such. Make sure to drain your chickpeas thoroughly before mixing. The recipe for this is on epicurious.com.

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