Collected: Plano

I visited Collected, a games and comic books store in Plano, this weekend. Collected has four other locations (Fort Worth, Keller, Burleson, Hurst). Plano is a smaller shop, in a shopping stip dominated by a Tom Thumb. You might have some difficulty to find it at the moment since the sign is down, but just park towards the corner of the lot away from Parker and Independence and look for a Batman logo in the window. Anyway, I say it’s small, but it’s a full-service affair.

From browsing their back issues, I’d say they are lacking the depth of a catalog of some larger stores, but they have the newer titles you might expect, and they keep up with the major publishers campaigns and what’s popular. I didn’t interrogate their back-room so they may have more comics in storage. Really though, among five locations, it seems likely they could find what you’re looking for. In terms of organization, the general scheme had no surprises: newer titles on the wall, a kids section up front, trades and manga near the center, and back-issues in the back, with some figurines and table-top gaming materials on their own wall by the tables. It would have been better if they had broken up trade paperbacks by major publishers, since it looks better, and it’s easier to scan titles because a given publisher usually standardizes their spines to some extent, but at least they’re alphabetized overall.

Again, Collected isn’t just a comics store: they do games too! At the Plano location, they do Saturday morning Yu-Gi-Oh meet-ups and (IIRC) they also have monthly Yu-Gi-Oh competitions. Then, there’s D&D on Wednesdays and Magic the gathering on Wednesdays and Fridays. There are other regular events as well, and you can even host your own event in their space. (Aren’t they nice?) Worth mentioning, all Collected locations are Pokemon Go ‘Pokestops’, and this month, they are hosting their first Pokemon Go trainers meet-up at their TCU location.

There was only one staff member there when I was there, but she was knowledgeable both about the store’s stock, and about the comics scene and it’s history. Lastly, they also sell sturdy boxes for your comics if you don’t favor slinging them carelessly on your desk (like me). Overall, I’d say the store is worth checking out if you’re in the area. Visit their website for more info:

Idea board

A white marker board on a wall with the text, "HELLO WORLD!" written in red dry-erase marker. Tape around the sides and a red dry erase marker to the right.
I had originally planned to get a 6′x3′ board, but they only had pre-cut 4′x2′. I regret not buying the double-sided tape I originally planned to hang the board with, but the picture-frame-hanging kit, which I had already, did the job, despite leaving holes in the front of the board. About $10 + supplies I had lying around.

I have the feeling great things will be written here. Mostly, fart jokes, but other stuff too.

Level Up!

A personal goal of 305lb deadlift for 5 reps has finally been reached! After two false starts and a lot of “psyching myself up”, a goal that has been looming since earlier in the year is now a fading memory. Yay, me.

Normally this kind of thing wouldn’t be shared publicly, but given the difficulty faced in passing this milestone compared to earlier weights (namely, a minor shoulder injury, and unrelated sickness causing missed workouts), it seemed worthwhile to share. The most significant barrier to break in this effort was mental, and now 400lbs seems inevitable rather than a daunting challenge. Of course, adding weight workout by workout was necessary, but actually experiencing the results is a big confidence booster.