J’ai fait du pain

I made bread for the first time yesterday. It was originally supposed to be pita bread, but things went a little off the rails. The recipe I followed didn’t go into the amount of flour you need specifically for kneading the dough, and I didn’t have enough in reserve. So, I used some masa that I bought for making tamales last year, since it’s basically flour too, right? Well, that led to another big sticky mess on the counter. At this point I was just about resolved never to try making bread ever again, but I still had three cups of flour, maybe half a cup of corn masa, water, and yeast to deal with. Nowhere for it to go but into the oven!

I split up the dough into six clumps, plopped them onto a hot (~500℉) baking stone, put them into the oven (~450℉ since I lowered the cooking temp based on another recipe for rolls since the whole pita thing flew out the window), and let them bake, flipping four times because I wanted them to brown the same on both sides, five minutes to a side.

Et voila!

Six light brown/yellow bread rolls, with their crust cracked, showing the fluffy interior, piled on a shiny brown serving plate over a reflective dark granite countertop

The crust could cut glass (or the roof of your mouth), but it’s pretty good with strawberry jam.

Things I learned:

  • Wet hands keep dough from sticking
  • “Light” is a very relative term, especially when it comes to how much flour you need to cover your kneading surface with

Transparent (TV series) review

I watched all three seasons of Transparent, the Amazon original TV series starring Jeffrey Tambor. Overall, I’d say it wasn’t worth watching. My main criticism is that the narrative was unfocused: the main story of Maura’s transition, and how that transition affects her relationship to her kids and to herself, was too often sidetracked by various characters’ outbursts of righteous indignation or side-stories involving the Pfefferman brood callously screwing with other people’s emotions.

Still from "The Open Road" episode with Shea and Joshie in the park. Shea does not look pleased. Josh is being a dick.
Or both!

Production quality, acting, and music were all good, but the meandering way the story was told just annoyed me.