As a software developer, this article is not only sad, but embrassing. What embarasses me is that Google engineers allegedly don’t communicate with raters. If there are even a handful of raters willing to work directly with engineers to make their processes more efficient, then why aren’t they jumping on that?

I cooked with tofu for the first time today, and it turned out pretty okay (but not pretty, so no picture). When I first decided to try working with tofu on my own, I bought silken and didn’t know what to do with it. I think I was just curious about what a “silken” food might look like. Online, all of the recommendations for what to do with silken are for sauces, shakes, thickening other foods. Basically, it isn’t something to build a meal around. The whole cube went into a shake, which was good, but I didn’t feel like I had expanded my culinary skills in anyway with that one. Thus, I resolved to try again with firmer stuff in the future.

Happily, I read a recommendation to marinate firm tofu ahead of cooking to impart it with some flavor. After about 30 minutes soaking in teriyaki, sriracha, and honey, I rolled my extra-firm tofu cubes in a little cornflour and dumped them into a large wok with a couple tablespoons of sesame oil inside. I cooked these on their own for maybe five minutes — I didn’t time it. Once the cornflour on the tofu had browned, cabbage, carrots, onion, broccoli, and peppers were added. I didn’t get down the cook time with the vegetables, but I judged it mostly by the color of the broccoli.

When I’ve had tofu before, the cooked product was spongier and held it’s shape better than mine has. The next time I prepare tofu, I’ll see if I can reproduce that texture. Maybe freezing will work?