Zucchini-lentil fritters

I made Bon Appetit’s Zucchini-Lentil Fritters. This is actually the second time I attempted this recipe, but the first time, due mainly to lack of experience, I screwed up, panicked, and ended up just blending all of the ingredients together, so the end result lost the attractive textural qualities of the model. (Still tasted good […]

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Very well, thanks

I love Think, but every time Krys dryly responds, “Very well, thanks,” to a caller asking how she’s doing, it just cracks me up. It’s every single time, in the same tone, like she’s said it a million times and has zero patience for your pleasantries.

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I’m interested in communications technology generally, especially in pre-Internet tech. I had never heard of “wirephoto” before, but, of course the fax machine came from somewhere. Anyway, here’s a neat video about the the mechanisms underlying the fax machine:

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Spider with an egg sac

A spider with an egg sac came into my house just as I opened the door. I dropped her back outside. I had opened the door to spray pesticide because some ants have been coming in through a gap between the door and the frame. Since spiders are pretty helpful – they kill some of […]

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Interview with noomi rapace

Thoughtful question at the end there. I felt like she dogdged it a bit since she’s saying she could find belonging, but it was more about the belonging that she had then against the freedom from ties. Still a solid answer in general, and really clever if she actually came up with it in the […]

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Spring Blender Open Movie

I’m sorry to say, I slept on this one. I used to follow Blender Open Movie projects ardently, but fell off as I got into university and became obsessed with other things. This is a really lovely little film though. They always do a great job setting up the stakes for these stories and packing […]

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