Zucchini-lentil fritters

I made Bon Appetit’s Zucchini-Lentil Fritters. This is actually the second time I attempted this recipe, but the first time, due mainly to lack of experience, I screwed up, panicked, and ended up just blending all of the ingredients together, so the end result lost the attractive textural qualities of the model. (Still tasted good though.) I still fudged it a little this time since I didn’t use fresh parsley — I had some parsley that had dried and just integrated it into the batter. I also sliced the zucchini more thinly than last time since the fat wedges I had last time seriously weakened the integrity of the patty. Surprisingly, the result looks fairly close to the original.

Photograph of my second attempt at the fritter recipe. There are about 11 of them on the plate arranged somewhat haphazardly. The plate sits on a wooden table with, honestly, the best lighting at my disposal.
Not half bad.

This is also the first use of my cast-iron skillet. Previously, some anxiety and…anticipatory laziness (?) about cleaning the skillet after cooking kept me from using it. Was really a non-issue though — the bigger pain was draining the oil since the skillet feels like it weighs about 35 lbs so it was sort-of torquing my wrist as I held it. Anyway, this definitely stands to become one of my go-to side dish recipes.

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