A guacamole recipe is a dangerous thing…

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system admin log entries

When I’m doing maintenance on my computer systems, I sometimes find myself wondering what I was thinking when I made a configuration change, (un-)installed a package, etc. At one point, I attempted to keep a log in a text file that I could refer to later so that, in case there was an undesirable behavior […]

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Teriyaki Flounder

The first time I cooked flounder, it was alongside salmon, which I already knew I liked. I was struck by how unpleasantly fishy it was and delayed cooking the rest of what I had. Now, however, I’ve found a preparation of flounder that I like. The fillets are placed in a baking pan, lined with […]

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Streaming audio with long reconnect timeouts is fun. It’s like having ghosts in my computers. I’m writing, sitting on the couch, and an unexpected burst of audio pops out from the corner of the room. Experientially, there’s no difference between a disembodied voice and a voice from a body you don’t imagine, and for the […]

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Bluetooth adventures

I have a bluetooth headset that I’ve wanted to use with my Linux laptop for a while, but couldn’t, largely because of weak support for bluetoothpulseaudio integration. Today, I decided to give it another shot and actually got sound going from XMMS2 to my headphones. That was great except then my wifi connection slowed to […]

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Strictly The Best

I got this dance hall music record that some guy on the Internet listed as one of his influences. Since I don’t have a record player, I’ve been listening to tracks off it on youtube. It’s a lot of drum machine. Also, I can’t really tell what the musicians are saying most of the time. […]

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