Bluetooth adventures

I have a bluetooth headset that I’ve wanted to use with my Linux laptop for a while, but couldn’t, largely because of weak support for bluetoothpulseaudio integration. Today, I decided to give it another shot and actually got sound going from XMMS2 to my headphones. That was great except then my wifi connection slowed to […]

Read More Bluetooth adventures As a software developer, this article is not only sad, but embrassing. What embarasses me is that Google engineers allegedly don’t communicate with raters. If there are even a handful of raters willing to work directly with engineers to make their processes more efficient, then why aren’t they jumping on that?

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Internet surveillance and BCI

The coincidence of Elon Musk’s announcement of “Neural Lace” and the FCC rolling back privacy regulations should make people’s hairs stand up on the backs of their necks. In case it isn’t obvious from the unabated personalization and proliferation of networked computing since the ARPANET, the Internet won’t always be a choice. It is only […]

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i tried a new exercise on friday. i didn’t do it correctly and now my neck hurts. i think I’ll see a chiropractor during the week. I’m not sure how bad it is but aspirin didn’t help and neither did ice. Epilogue: It wasn’t that bad. Just a pulled muscle, but the first time I […]


Izzy Bizu

I really liked Izzy Bizu’s performance on Graham Norton. To me, it seemed to hearken back to earlier times, with musical groups like the Supremes. There was an innocence in the performance that appealed to me more than I would have expected.

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Idea board

I had originally planned to get a 6′x3′ board, but they only had pre-cut 4′x2′. I regret not buying the double-sided tape I originally planned to hang the board with, but the picture-frame-hanging kit, which I had already, did the job, despite leaving holes in the front of the board. About $10 + supplies I […]

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