The Binding of Isaac video game

So, I bought the Humble Indie Bundle 7, now 3 years old, back in college, but never played all of the games. One of them, “The Binding of Isaac”, a product of Ed McMillen’s twisted and wonderful mind, had been on my to-play list for a while and I finally picked it up last weekend. […]

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Collected: Plano

I visited Collected, a games and comic books store in Plano, this weekend. Collected has four other locations (Fort Worth, Keller, Burleson, Hurst). Plano is a smaller shop, in a shopping stip dominated by a Tom Thumb. You might have some difficulty to find it at the moment since the sign is down, but just […]

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Idea board

I had originally planned to get a 6′x3′ board, but they only had pre-cut 4′x2′. I regret not buying the double-sided tape I originally planned to hang the board with, but the picture-frame-hanging kit, which I had already, did the job, despite leaving holes in the front of the board. About $10 + supplies I […]

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I made some falafel and it’s almost recognizable as such. Make sure to drain your chickpeas thoroughly before mixing. The recipe for this is on

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Level Up!

A personal goal of 305lb deadlift for 5 reps has finally been reached! After two false starts and a lot of “psyching myself up”, a goal that has been looming since earlier in the year is now a fading memory. Yay, me. Normally this kind of thing wouldn’t be shared publicly, but given the difficulty […]

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Your browser does not support the video tag. The thing is, it’s not clear if more sleep is needed or if the body is just reacting to a drop below some base level of caffeine in the bloodstream.

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Fresh Ink

Remember that segment on Attack of the Show, with Blair Butler? I got to re-watch an episode of Fresh Ink recently thanks to’s collection of G4TV AOTS episodes (I’ve lost track of it since then). Picking through a few episodes, I’m reminded of its shortcomings, like blatant sexism and use of off-color jokes. Still, […]

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