Teriyaki Flounder

The first time I cooked flounder, it was alongside salmon, which I already knew I liked. I was struck by how unpleasantly fishy it was and delayed cooking the rest of what I had. Now, however, I’ve found a preparation of flounder that I like. The fillets are placed in a baking pan, lined with […]

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snow crash

I got Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash yesterday. I had wanted to read it for a while as part of my ‘seminal cyberpunk reading list’, so I’m really looking forward to this read. Only three pages in and I’ve laughed out loud three times. Here’s hoping the trend lasts.

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Transparent (TV series) review

I watched all three seasons of Transparent, the Amazon original TV series starring Jeffrey Tambor. Overall, I’d say it wasn’t worth watching. My main criticism is that the narrative was unfocused: the main story of Maura’s transition, and how that transition affects her relationship to her kids and to herself, was too often sidetracked by […]

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Raw garlic

I decided to try eating raw garlic after reading about some of the health benefits associated with its consumption. Planning to eat three cloves, I peeled the outer skin off of them, removed them, smushed the first with a spoon, popped it in, and got to chewing. It was miserable. The second one was worse. […]

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